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Gut-skin axis

A healthy gut microbiome has multiple benefits, for everything from mood and cognitive function to immunity and digestive health. Meanwhile, the gut-skin axis - the mechanism via which gut health is translated to the skin - means that when you’re feeling good on the inside, it shows up on the outside too.

The Day Pill is packed with probiotics and vitamins to boost your microbiome and act on the gut-skin axis, for internal health that shows up as glowing and healthy skin. Plus our proven, delayed-release capsule design means these all-important probiotics are carefully protected until they reach the gut itself.



Poor sleep and stress can have a negative impact on your complexion - from dullness and dryness to an acceleration in the visible signs of ageing - as well as on the gut microbiome (which in turn affects skin). Conversely, a great night’s sleep allows your skin's natural repair processes to kick in, promoting renewal and strengthening the skin barrier.

The Night Pill is rich in minerals and actives that support your body’s natural circadian rhythm, elevating overall skin health, helping you wind down before bed, and encouraging better quality sleep. As a result, skin feels rested, renewed and rejuvenated by morning.



Having a well-nourished and balanced skin microbiome is crucial for a complexion that glows with health. Not only that, your skin needs to be protected and hydrated by day, to shield it against external aggressors, and supported and renewed by
night, when it has the opportunity for recovery and repair.

The Day Cream features a Microbiome Complex
packed with prebiotics and postbiotics, to strengthen the all-important skin barrier. Meanwhile clinically proven vitamins and antioxidants protect against environmental damage, and keep moisture levels topped up. The Night Cream boosts renewal with a powerful yet gentle retinol alternative, as well as tapping into skin’s circadian rhythm and protecting against premature lifestyle ageing