Skincare overload: How product overuse can break down the skin barrier

Photography by Matt Krygowksi Words by Joe and Anthony

When it comes to skincare, it might feel as though the more products you manage to layer on your skin, the more impressive the results will be. But in the quest for healthy, balanced and beautiful skin, less can in fact be more. Slathering your skin with an array of products might seem tempting, but it can actually damage your skin's protective shield: the skin barrier.

The skin barrier’s job is exactly as it sounds: a first line of defence against irritants and aggressors, as well as a protective layer to keep moisture in. When you overload your skin with multiple products, you risk disrupting this important barrier, and preventing it from carrying out its job effectively. Harsh cleansers and a surplus of active ingredients can strip away natural oils and good bacteria, disrupting the skin’s delicate balance.

A compromised skin barrier can lead to various skin concerns - think sensitivity, redness, dryness, increased breakouts - many of which could have you reaching for even more products. But instead of overwhelming your skin, consider a simpler approach. Focus on quality over quantity, and be mindful of what your skin truly needs. It’s all about respecting your skin's natural balance, and working with it rather than against it.

At YLW, we’ve stripped out the unnecessary ingredients, and focused on what your skin really needs. Rather than an elaborate routine in front of the bathroom mirror, it’s all about two hardworking skincare products - the Day Cream in the morning, and the Night Cream in the evening - which do exactly what you need them to, without overloading the skin. Even sensitive skin types can use the Regime, which is free of acids and essential oils, and uses an advanced retinol alternative called RetinART for a gentle yet highly effective approach that your skin barrier will thank you for. It’s all about respecting your skin'snatural balance, and working with it rather than against it.