Understanding the microbiome

Photography by Matt Krygowksi Words by Joe and Anthony

The connection between gut health and skin health

The term “microbiome” comes up a lot in the beauty and wellness industries these days, but how much do you really know about yours? The microbiome is a busy community of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses within the human body, with a large part to play in keeping it running smoothly. This intricate ecosystem is especially influential in your gut, with an impact stretching all the way to your skin.

The gut and its role

Think of your gut as a hub for maintaining your overall health. Yes, it helps process food, but it's also linked to the look and feel of your skin, due to a connection known as the gut-skin axis.

The gut-skin axis: a direct connection

Imagine a line connecting your gut and skin. This connection, the gut-skin axis, is a bridge through which the two can communicate, with the health of the former directly affecting the latter. A healthy gut sends positive signals to your skin, promoting a healthy glow. On the flip side, an imbalanced gut can lead to skin issues.

The impact of the gut microbiome on your skin

When it comes to the gut microbiome, it’s all about getting the balance right - and that’s down to good bacteria. A well-functioning gut with a balanced microbiome contributes to clear skin and a natural glow. Good gut bacteria help to regulate inflammation, which is linked to skin conditions like
acne and eczema.

The microbiome’s key roles

Defence mechanism: Beneficial gut bacteria act as defenders against harmful microorganisms, playing a vital role in preventing skin problems.

Immune support: A strong gut supports a robust immune system, which in turn helps your skin to resist infections.

Nutrient partner: Your gut's inhabitants help your body to absorb essential nutrients from your food, which in turn contribute to healthy and nourished skin.

Creating harmony in the microbiome

Understanding your microbiome is the first step toward maintaining its balance, and giving it what it needs to best do its job. Glowing skin comes from the inside, and so it makes sense that when you feel great internally, you look great on the outside too. That’s why YLW is all about supporting your microbiome with the right blend of nutrients and actives, with the Day routine in particular focused on nourishing the microbiome. The Day Pill contains a trio of clinically proven probiotic strains to reinforce and rebalance the gut microbiome, whilst the Day Cream takes care of the topical side of things with a complex of pre- and postbiotics to support the skin microbiome.